Chorus performs in LGPE


Decatur High Chorus performed in Large Group Performance Evaluation (LGPE) on March 28. The three chorus classes, Women’s, Men’s and Advanced Women’s Chorus prepared two pieces to perform for judges. Afterward, they had a sight-singing test where they sang a piece of music without previous practice.

This year, the Advanced Women’s Chorus performed “Cantate Domino,” a lively and happy piece which they followed by “Makedonska Humoreska,” a moody and rhythmic piece. Sophomore Anna Zreloff felt like they improved since last year’s LGPE.

“I think we came with a lot more energy this year,” Zreloff said. “We were more passionate about the songs I think.”

Dr. Eskew-Sparks, the choral director, changed tactics this year; instead of the both women’s choruses singing together, she divided them by class period, leading to better preparation and unification. Zreloff was more confident about the song choices compared to last year. Previously, Dr. ES chose a complex Psalm in German for the chorus to learn. Not only was learning the pronunciations of the words difficult but memorizing a different language presented many challenges.

Advanced Women’s Chorus practices for their LGPE performance

“I think we weren’t as confident as a whole, and I remember asking a friend for the words before we performed,” Zreloff said. “This time our class was really well prepared.”

Despite the success in the performance part of LGPE, chorus members like junior Andi Kezh were disappointed with their sight reading.

“We lacked in sight-reading because of our nerves and tempo issues,” Kezh said.

For the future, Kezh knows the chorus will learn from this year’s challenges.

“We are going to practice sight reading consistently and keep our confidence high so we are ready for next year,” Kezh said.

Overall, the Advanced Women’s Chorus had a successful year at LGPE, and Zreloff was satisfied with the performance.

“We can convey our message to people or share a story through music,” Zreloff said. “We were all passionate about what we were singing, and that’s all that mattered.”