Musical theater class closes year in dramatic fashion


The shows attracted a larger crowd than what was expected, adding to the nerves of some of the newer performers.

Carter White

The Decatur musical theater class concluded their first year in grand fashion on May 5 with their production of “Broadway: Then & Now”, a two-hour revue showcasing musical numbers from throughout Broadway’s history. Numbers from shows such as “The Lion King”, “Les Miserables” and “Hamilton” were all used in the show.

The class first started production on the show just after the spring musical, “Beauty and the Beast”, finished in mid-March. As many members of the class were in the musical, they had to hold off starting preparations until afterward.

Sophomore soloist Zachary Tellez believes that the show was one of the more difficult segments of the class.

“It’s been stressful, but I’ve had a good time,” Tellez said. “We’ve learned some pretty cool songs.”

Tellez was one of many soloists in the production, as nearly every member of the class had their moment in the spotlight. Quite literally, in fact, as fully developed lighting and sound supplemented each performance.

Senior Samantha Cannon, normally a stage manager for theater productions, ran the sound board for the first time. “I’m so nervous, I’m shaking,” She said.

Senior Addie Lewis had a hand in choreographing “The Lion King” segment of the revue, an uncommon occurrence as most numbers were choreographed by Musical Theater co-teacher Amy Rawlins. “Broadway: Then & Now” was Lewis’ last onstage performance before graduating this month.

“I think I’m going to continue doing this in college so I’m not super upset,” Lewis said, “But I met a whole lot of people this year in theater that I didn’t think I’d be friends with.”

The Musical Theater course first began this year with Rawlins, the Decatur drama teacher and chorus teacher Elise Eskew-Sparks at the helm. After this revue, the class is ready for a new, bigger challenge in the 2017-2018 school year.