Need to know: Library Renovation


John Ellis

Decatur students will lose access to a quiet study space and the thousands of books it holds sometime in the next month.

“We were told that we would move before spring break, but now we’re waiting on occupancy information.” Librarian Karen Davis said. “We’re packing and get ready now.”

After the coming move, DHS students will never step foot in the same library again.  Instead, the open space will be converted into another computer lab while the books and staff will transfer to a fresh space in the new wing.

In the meantime, students can visit Davis and fellow librarian Susan Riley in room 1023 near the old cafeteria.

“We’ll be in the new space in December,” Davis said. “For the rest of 2017, we’ll be downstairs.”

Librarian Susan Riley helps Senior Eric Broner with a printer issue. The printer station is one of the most utilized resources in the school.

In order to accommodate for the lack of books being moved to the temporary space, Davis and Riley have increased efforts to allow students non-traditional ways to access information.

“We’ve spent close to $3,000 just beefing up our e-book collection.” Davis said, “We’ll also have the printing and scanning station, all that’s coming with us.”

While the plans to move are in full swing, many Decatur students are unaware of the relocation and what it entails, including senior Isabelle Drooker.  

“It’s not always quiet, but it’s a space where you can just go and isolate yourself to get work done.” Drooker said while checking out a book, “It’s upsetting that it’s moving, but at the same time I know it’s necessary.”

As students navigate construction and relocation, here are some facts to keep in mind.  

  • You can download the library’s full collection of e-books on their website.
  • The new library is scheduled to be completed in December.
  • The computers found in the library will be spread out to current and new labs.  
  • The temporary library will have desktop computers, scanners, printers and the librarians to help with anything you might need.