Key Club assists janitorial staff in cafeteria cleanup


Decatur High’s new cafeteria opened on Monday, Aug. 22, after months of construction on a new addition to the high school.

As the school’s student population and campus size grows, the DHS janitorial staff is having to cover a much larger space. As a result of these changes, the DHS Key Club was recently asked by the administration to assist the custodians in their maintenance of the cafeteria.

Key Club’s advisor Sean DeWeese believes that members participation in this volunteer opportunity will directly benefit the school.

“I think that Key Club exposes students to many unique opportunities for service,” DeWeese said. “I see the Key Club as a pipeline to provide students with access to many events that they might not ordinarily have a chance to participate in.”

An administrator approached the club after the March meeting, speaking to the students about the importance of the school’s custodians They asked for their participation in the maintenance of the cafeteria so that the limited janitorial staff could focus on more important areas of the school.

The club created a signup sheet that was shared with all of the members in order to start the “cleanup crew” as soon as possible.

The instructions for student volunteers are that after each lunch period one group of students will help clear lunch trays/trash from tables and wipe down the tables using buckets of soapy water. Another group will clean the cafeteria exterior and rear doors of fingerprints, using rags and window cleaners.

Junior Vice President Lillian Fantz hopes that this event will not only assist the custodians but also help encourage students to take care of the space that they use.

“I’ve always enjoyed volunteering for Key Club, but this opportunity is different in that I can directly impact my peers and the environment of the school,” Fantz said.

DeWeese believes that service starts at home.  Many of the clubs service projects are in the Decatur and DeKalb county area, but few do anything directly for the people at DHS.

“Helping out in the cafeteria is a great way help friends and peers whom we see everyday,” DeWeese said. “This is just another opportunity to work with students in a positive environment outside of the classroom, which I have always enjoyed.”