Club members conduct a simulation outside the Decatur career academy. One of the club’s most important goals is getting members in touch with the local environment.

Environmental club anticipates new year

October 28, 2016

Several new clubs joined the lineup of Decatur extracurriculars this year, and among these, the Environmental Club stands as unique in a variety of ways.

For club leader Rebecca McKinney, a big part of making the club stand out has been in the club’s distinctly academic focus.

“I think the club is a lot more informative than a lot of the other clubs at our school,” McKinney says. “We also don’t require as much work from members as the other academic clubs, like Mock Trial or Model UN.”

Limited overcommitment is also a big part of the clubs appeal to potential members.

“We try to be flexible,” McKinney says. “I know being in high school is really hard, so we don’t have a fee or anything like that. Anyone who comes is welcome.”

McKinney buying pizza for a club meeting. “Working with [Rebecca] has been great,” Fernandez says. “She’s shown a lot of responsibility in leading the club.”McKinney buying pizza for a club meeting. “Working with [Rebecca] has been great,” Fernandez says. “She’s shown a lot of responsibility in leading the club.”

Although right now the club is still mostly focused on spreading awareness and helping to familiarize member students with the local environment, McKinney hopes to expand the scope of what Environmental Club to include service and more.

According to club sponsor and Decatur social studies department head Javier Fernandez, the club’s leadership has performed exceptionally.

“I’ve been able to hang back and watch for the most part,” Fernandez says. “Of course I help facilitate space and check things off with the administration, but I think it’s better for the students to run the club themselves. So far, the students have handled it very well.”

Fernandez does have a certain stake in the club, however.

“I have a bit of history working with environmental clubs,” he says. “At Alpharetta, I used to sponsor a similar club. It’s something I have a passion for, and I’m happy to do whatever little thing I can.”

As for where the club is going, Fernandez thinks greater community involvement is essential.

“Right now we’re still figuring a few things out,” Fernandez says. “I hope that as the year goes by, we can start to become a club that really reaches out to the community. That’s where I see us going.”

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