Porchfest comes to Oakhurst


Ben Greco

Oakhurst Porchfest took place on Saturday, October 8th, and it was a hit according to Sarah Grace Stafford, junior at Decatur High School who was in attendance.

“I had a great time there,” she said. “Everyone was there, and I saw many of my friends watching and even performing.”

The Oakhurst community decided to host Porchfest for the first time in 2015. Many neighborhoods around the country have opened up to the idea, where people lend their porches to local musicians to come play. Anyone can walk around and listen to music and have a great time at no cost.

“I think it’s a great idea,” Stafford said. “It’s such a good thing for communities to come together and have a great time and listen to great music.”

Stafford was very excited to see her friends perform.

“It took a second to get started, but once it did it was so great,” she said. “I have friends in the band so I was there to cheer them on.”

That band is Tongue Karate. Local musicians Vivi Blanchard, sophomore, Jake Miller and Jack Hurst, juniors, Jackson Rock and Emiliano Warren, seniors at Decatur, make up the band. They played together at Porchfest 2016. Blanchard played bass for tongue.

Pictured left to right: Jack Hurst, Jackson Rock, Jake Miller, Emiliano Warren. The group played on 104 Cambridge Ave, Rock Law firm’s front porch. Photo by Sarah Grace Stafford.

“I’ve been playing guitar since I was 10.”

Blanchard wasn’t familiar with the bass guitar before Rock and Roll Revue 2015, when she and Jackson Rock were placed in a band together.

“Rock and Roll Review was really the first time I ever picked up the bass,” she said. “It was pretty easy to pick up after playing guitar so long.”

Blanchard was recruited to play for Tongue Karate only a week before Porchfest.

“A week or so before Porchfest, Jackson had mentioned me to the band because they were in need of a bassist for Porchfest,” she said. “Jack reached out to me and asked if I was interested in playing.”

Blanchard spent that week before Porchfest working hard and practicing.

“We practiced almost every day up until Porchfest,” she said. “We were all super excited.”

The house they played at was Jackson’s dad law firm, right next to Revolution Doughnuts. The location was great, but they had another issue to worry about.

“A lot of people showed up in the beginning, but our equipment messed up and we had to take 45 minutes into our show to run  around Decatur and buy new equipment,” she said. “We started off pretty rough, but by the end we pulled through.”