Latin club to attend Fall Forum

At the homecoming parade, the JCL got to walk with togas and leaf crowns on in a truck, where Alison got to sit on a makeshift throne throughout the parade.

On Oct. 22, the Latin club plans to go to Fall Forum, a yearly event where Latin clubs from different schools get to spend the day doing activities like reenacting gladiator fights, Latin seminars and getting a taste of what the larger state convention is like.

Also known as the Junior Classical League (JCL), the Latin club goes beyond just learning the Latin language. The JCL is centered around learning more about the classics and Latin culture.

Latin club co-president and junior Mai Alison will be attending her second Fall Forum this weekend, where she’ll also get the chance to meet other Latin clubs in the area before the larger state convention.

At the larger state convention, JCLs from schools around the state meet up for three days to do more Latin activities and group bonding, as well as elect their statewide JCL student government.

JCL members William Whatley, Natalie Ashburner-Wright, and Amina Hull walked with the club during the homecoming parade, where they carried signs and passed out candy.

“The JCL is such a positive and friendly group of people that actually want to geek out over the same old stuff that I love,” Alison said. “When I’m with other people in the JCL, I’m with all different kinds of people from all over that love the classics enough to be there.”

For junior Thomas Russell, a member of the JCL, the Fall Forum is the best way to get to know people in the JCL because he “enjoys the Latin language and ancient cultures.”

Going into the rest of this year, the JCL plans to continue learning about Latin culture and the classics with their state convention, with activities like marching in the homecoming parade with togas and leaf crowns.

Photos courtesy of Mai Alison