Students fill club gaps

High school clubs are started because students want to express themselves and join other peers to discuss a topic they are passionate about. Decatur has welcomed two new clubs this year: Math Club and Ambassador Club.

Chiara Darnton leads the math club through challenging math problems.

Junior Chiara Darton started the Math Club. She came up with the idea over the summer while she attended the Georgia Governor’s Honors program where she met students from other schools that were involved in their math clubs. Darton believes our school needs to have a math club because math is a subject that many students admire and share a passion for.

She started by asking her friends whether they would be interested in a math club at Decatur, and many of her peers thought that it was a great idea. Darton then wrote a proposal about starting the math club and presented it to her math teacher, Karina Scott, who had experience leading the group in her old school.

In Math Club, students work together practicing and solving solve challenging math problems and compete in competitions. They also plan to start a math tutoring program at Decatur where students can get help with their math homework.

Math Club isn’t the only group that is new this year at Decatur, students all around the school are finding ways to assemble their specific needs into their interests.

Ambassador members spend their free time together at the comet Pub Lanes .

Senior Madison Turner started the Ambassador club with the help of her sister, Macie. Madison and Macie were new to Decatur last year and felt that the school needed a programs that welcomed students and made them feel like they belonged. Over the summer, they presented the idea and got it approved under the sponsorship of Landi Spadaccini.

The Ambassador club welcomes students to Decatur, teaches students how the IB grading system works and gives tours around the school. They also arrange fun activities to get the new students comfortable at DHS.

“Because we were both eager and passionate about starting this club, I think that was the key that made it less stressful and easy,” Macie said.

Creating a new club at Decatur requires the approval of the principal and a detailed plan for how this new club will last beyond your graduation year from high school. Once the club is approved by Ms. Williams you must find a sponsor, a teacher that is willing to  facilitate your club.

You must then write a proposal to a teacher explaining what is your club is and why the teacher should sponsor your club. Once you find a sponsor, your club is ready to start.

Photos by Fardosa Hassan