Snapshot prepares for fresh year

Snapshot club members are clearing SD cards, cleaning off camera lenses, researching great places to shoot and organizing meetups as they prepare for their first full year as a DHS club.

Seniors Isabelle Romano-Landry, Lily Guthrie and Simon Ray started the photography club in Jan. 2016, and are now starting their first full school year running the club.

Romano-Landry, the club president, first got into photography at a camp in fourth grade, and has been using the same camera ever since.

On the other hand, Guthrie, who is co-president, has been taking pictures as long as she can remember. Her mom is a photographer and has taught Lily a lot about photography.

Romano-Landry first had the idea to start a photography club. She started the club because she was not interested in taking yearbook, but still wanted an opportunity for her and others who appreciated photography to get involved with photography at school.

Listen to Isabelle Romano-Landry talk about her first experiences with starting the club earlier this year.

She then began finding other people in the school who were interested in photography to help her start the club.

Snapshot held its first meeting of the year in Aug. in the graphic design room. The club meets every 2 weeks and shares photos taken since the last meeting.

“When Isabelle came to me with the idea, I was like ‘this is awesome,’” Guthrie said, “because I liked photography and she liked photography, so I was sure there were plenty of people in the school who liked photography that weren’t in yearbook.”

The experience of being in Snapshot for just half a year has not only helped Guthrie develop her photography skills, but also helped her meet new people and look at the world through a different lens.

“It gives you a new perspective on the world sometimes [when you see other people’s photos] like, ‘oh, I wouldn’t have thought to take a picture of that,’” Guthrie said, “and being able to meet all of these people I wouldn’t normally have met has been really cool as well.”

In the club’s first year they were able to hold regular meetings, take pictures, and have a photography exhibit at the end of the year where each member of the club displayed three of their best photos.

These exhibits are fun, but also a lot of work for Romano-Landry. She says that one of the biggest faults of photographers is their indecisive nature.

“I don’t think people understand the extent of planning that goes into things.” She said. “Last year we spent hours deciding which black background was best to go behind the photos.”

Another change the club is experiencing this year is a new advisor. Last year, Mark Jones was the club’s advisor, however, due to his retirement, Randall Archer will be filling that role this year.

“They came to me and said ‘Mr. Jones was our sponsor last year and we need a sponsor,’” Archer said, “and because it falls in line with my curriculum, I decided to help them.”

Although many students felt attached to Jones, club members think that there are some positive takeaways from the change in advisor. Romano-Landry thinks that Archer seems more “hands-on” compared to Jones.

Romano-Landry takes a photo on Snapshot outing. Club members travel all around Atlanta looking for cool places to get a great shot.
Romano-Landry takes a photo on Snapshot outing. Club members travel all around Atlanta looking for cool places to get a great shot.

Archer was never really into photography, he has a camera but only usually uses it for vacation pictures. However, he still thinks that he can still help students meet their goals and provide structure for the students.

“I’m going to try to help them prioritize,” Archer said. “I want to try to help them make decisions based on what they want to do as a club, and I just want to give them input on how they want to make that happen. Ultimately it will be up to them to decide what they want to do.”

The club was also very small in numbers last year, and growing into a larger sized club is a question that Romano-Landry is unsure of how to answer.

“It was a really close group of people,” Romano-Landry said, “but at the same time it would be awesome if we could expand to more people who have the same interest in photography.”

Heading into the year, the club leaders have several goals for the coming year.

“Last year our club was really small,” Romano-Landry said. “We never made a website and we didn’t really get to go on organized trips with people.”

“Definitely our long term goal is to be able to do more photo exhibits,” Guthrie said. “This year we are hoping to do two of those.”