Half Price Books opens in Decatur


On August 25, Half Price Books held a grand opening in Decatur.

The new bookstore is located in Suburban Plaza next to Walmart, marking the bookstore’s second location in Georgia.

Half Price Books - Decatur - Great Opening SignHalf Price Books’ market manager, Pam Kirby, described the “exciting” Grand Opening. The business offered a range of discounts and coupons to celebrate the launch.  

“We had a good mix of younger customers and older customers too,” Kirby said. “This area is very diverse so we cater to everyone.”

The bookstore chain sells discounted books, movies, video games, records, graphic novels and more.

When senior Simon Ray stopped by Half Price Books shortly after the grand opening, the wide range of items available at the store impressed him.

“I saw not only books, but old video games, card games, and even a few t-shirts,” Ray said. “I bought a DVD for $2.”

Kirby agrees that Half Price Books is about more than just books.

“We’re a good place for what we like to call the nerdy stuff,” Kirby said. “A lot of the people who work here, we’re all nerds. We like to cater to that kind of stuff.”  

The new store also offers affordable resources for high school students.

“A lot of ouHalf Price Books - Decatur Vinylr material is half priced or less,” she said. “If you have reading lists, you can come in and get a good deal on reading list material.”

They also have study materials, such as ACT and SAT prep books.

Ray appreciated the fact that Half Price Books is willing to buy used items.

“High schoolers might be interested because you can sell old books, video games, consoles, or even old textbooks straight to the store, and they’ll give you money for it,” Ray said.

Although people must be 18 to sell items to the store themselves, people under 18 can sell their old books if accompanied by an adult.

Kirby thinks teenagers will also appreciate the bookstore’s environment.

“It’s a cool place for kids to come hang out after school to just chill out, browse and shop,” she said.

Even with access to Kindles and eBooks, Kirby doesn’t fear the decline of books.“I think people always want to have books around…,” she said. “People want books back in their hands, and there’s been a resurgence of book stores. I don’t think this media will ever die.”

Afterall, for Ray, “Nothing beats the feel of a real book in your hands.”

Photos courtesy of Emily Bruce.

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