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Located at 115 Clairemont Avenue, the store is now fully stocked and ready for customers.

Rocket Fizz opens in Decatur

September 1, 2016

The soda fizzles, the poster lined walls catch the eye, and the insect lollipops sting. A new candy store has emerged.

Rocket Fizz opened Friday, Aug. 26, after a long wait.

“We couldn’t get our doors open for a minute. We kind of felt like a fish bowl, teasing the public with all of this candy and gag gifts,” store manager Mary Eadon Robinson said.

Work was needed to redo the floors, rewire the store, and improve the overall look. Now, they’re fully stocked and Robinson has goals for both customers and other businesses nearby.

Davis Tyler as he helps customers during his late afternoon shift.
Davis Tyler helps customers during his late afternoon shift.

“Clairemont is that street when everyone’s on Ponce, they cross over and they just kind of look down and it looks dead,” Robinson said. “I’m really hoping that we’ll help the other businesses along this strip generate more traffic down here.”

Employee Davis Tyler hopes that Rocket Fizz becomes a fun space for all ages to enjoy a variety of candy and sodas. Creating an environment where they can establish personal relationships with customers is what’s important.  After the opening week, they’ve seen what they hoped for.

Tyler described how people found old candies and sodas and teared up as they thought of past memories.

With music, bright colors, welcoming employees, and creative flavors, they believe that they have achieved a fun environment where people can be comfortable.

Robinson has seen people let loose.

“This weekend ‘Got To Give It Up’ by Marvin Gaye was playing and this guy came in and broke it down and danced all the way around the store. Then he twirled, went down, did a little kick and said ‘y’all have a good day.’ That’s what I love.”

Robinson also encourages and participates in trying new flavors. “I always try the ones that nobody wants to try and are freaked out by,” she said.

Tyler feels the opposite. When talking about insect lollipops, he said, “I would never even touch those things. Ugh, they’re disgusting. But customers like the weird flavors and that’s what keeps them coming.”

All photos by Isis Amusa.

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