Changing leadership offers new twist to Model UN


With a new year comes a new addition to a long time Decatur club, and a new instructor to go along with it.

Long a mainstay among Decatur extracurriculars, the continued existence of the Model UN club reached an impasse last year.

In the absence of Decatur economics teacher Beau Dominguez, who had long led the organization, history teacher Kristen Embry chose to step up to the responsibility of leading the team.

Despite having no past experience with the club, Social studies department head Javier Fernandez has confidence in her potential to fill Dominguez’s place.

“She’s certainly shown great interest in [Model UN],” Fernandez says. “I’m interested to see where she takes the club this year.”

As for Embry herself, the experience thus far has been more than a little daunting.

Embry researching dates info for upcoming Model UN conferences.

“There’s going to be more than a little bit of a learning curve for me,” Embry says. “Most of the team this year is young and don’t have much experience, so I’m going to have to learn so that I can teach them.”

Despite the obvious challenge, Embry is more than eager to face the tasks ahead.

“I’ve always had a passion for international justice and similar issues,” Embry says. “I think Model UN will be a great way for me to share that interest with students at Decatur.”

More than just keeping the club up and running, Embry already has plans to add to Model UN.

Influenced by her interest in international affairs, Embry has sought permission to create in association with Model UN a new Amnesty International club for interested students.

“I think an Amnesty International club would dovetail nicely with Model UN,” Embry says. “It could be really eye-opening for students who take part.”

While scheduling is still in the works, Embry hopes to start having meets with club members, and prospective club members “as soon as possible.”

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