Junior speaks out for equal recognition, academic and artistic as well as athletic


Broner posted the letter on his blog as well, which he uses to express his opinions on various topics, hence the name, Various Ramblings.

Baylen Altizer

Decaturish published a letter to the editor on May 19 by junior Eric Broner. Broner recognized the value of the recent state championship rally, but wrote about the lack of recognition for Decatur’s non-athletic accomplishments.

He stated his surprise that the robotics team was recognized and followed with the fact that the academic bowl team, which has won big competitions, was not.

“Each year, we’ve returned with multiple trophies, many of which were first place awards at the state-level,” he said. “However, we’ve never gotten public recognition.”

Broner never saw it as an issue until recently when the rally failed to equally represent Decatur accomplishments. He argues that it is important for the Decatur community as a whole needs to appreciate all types of student accomplishments.

“I think if we fail to recognize the successes of our community in both intellectual and artistic pursuits, then we are failing as a community,” he said.

Broner believes that it is Deatur needs  to acknowledge the fact the difference in representation at the rally.

“I thought it was important that we recognize the effects of only making a big deal about the accomplishments of athletes,” he said.

He wanted to submit the letter anonymously because he didn’t want people to think he was only saying this for personal attention.

Broner wrapped up his letter with a simple message.

“We must take a holistic approach to community celebration,” he said.

Check out his letter on Decaturish here