Decatur Economics Students Serve on Emory Mock Trial Jury


Benson Gathany

Decatur civics students participated in litigation law hands-on this week in Emory Law School’s Mock Trial.

The students, who participated as jurors, provided feedback for Emory Law students at the end of their practice trials.

These trials serve as the culmination of the Emory students’ course, and are useful to the students for more than just a grade.

“They like to have people listen to the trial, so that they can get real feedback on their cases,” says Susan Brown, the Decatur civics teacher who helped organize the event. “It’s better than just having a professor grade the work.”

Brown believes the event is beneficial for the Decatur students attending.

“It’s a groovy opportunity for kids to see the campus, and to see the anatomy of a trial,” Brown says. “Besides, they get out of school to do it.”

Brown’s only misgiving about the trial is authenticity.

“I’ve taken kids to the Dekalb county courthouse for mock trials like this in the past,” Brown says. “That was super cool. This time, we’ll be in classrooms, so that might be less impressive.”

For freshman Ian Coleman, the experience was decidedly positive.

“I found it very eye-opening,” Coleman says. “It was definitely worth the day out of school.”

Coleman doesn’t envy the Emory students, however.

“The process could get really tedious,” Coleman says. “The lawyers had to put a lot of work into the case.”

For more information on Emory’s Mock Trial team, visit their website.