AP stats exam rescheduled

Emmie Poth-Nebel

Custer’s fourth period Statistics class prepares for May 12 AP exam.

Decatur students know the pain of giving up a Saturday morning to take an AP practice test.

But AP Statistics students breathed a small sigh of relief after their practice test, scheduled for April 30, was cancelled.

According to Math Department head David Custer, construction is to blame.

“However, we just found out the construction company is killing power to the whole building this weekend and next weekend,” he said. “No power means we can’t even get into the building, and can’t even reschedule for the following weekend.”

Custer planned on using the trailers instead, since the power is on a separate grid from the main building, but learned he wouldn’t be able to.

‘[Using the trailers] is also a no-go because the trailer bathrooms have been vandalized to the point where fixtures and things are actually broken,” he said. “We can’t expect people to sit for a 3.5 hour mock exam and tell them they’re not allowed to pee.”

For Turk, the practice tests were necessary for her preparation. “I was okay with taking the test any day, to be honest,” she said. “I just wanted to be able to take it twice.”

Though Saturday testing works for most students, junior Frances Turk believes the weekday tests cause less conflict.

“I wanted to take the Saturday exam, but I couldn’t because I have an SAT prep class,” she said. “The change to a weekday test makes it do-able for me.”

While Statistics students rejoice now, Custer believes the practice exam is a helpful tool for their success.

“We always try to do both a weekday and weekend mock exam every year to give students an authentic 3-hour trial of a real Stats exam,” he said. “It’s really helpful, and students who do a mock exam usually end up scoring significantly higher than those who don’t.” 

Turk agrees.

“If we score a 4 or 5, he’ll give us a grade bump up,” she said. “Also, [the practice test] is a way to review and feel prepared for the actual exam.”

Fortunately for the math department, this weekend’s exam was rescheduled for another weekday.

“[Rescheduling] isn’t ideal, but students will still be able to get feedback before they do the real exam, and that’s what matters to us the most,” Custer said. “This actually affords students a bit more time to review in earnest before taking the mock exams, so it’s not exactly a bad thing. I’m just sorry that we had to change the plan at the last minute.”