Governor stops controversial bill

Alia Carlton

Most_recent_photo_of_Gov._DealGov. Nathan Deal spoke out about a controversial religious freedom bill on Monday morning, saying the bill “doesn’t reflect the character of our state or the character of our people.” He vetoed it soon after.

House Bill 757 garnered significant attention after companies such as Disney and Google condemned it. Various filming companies threatened to pull out of Ga. and take substantial revenue with them.

The bill allows businesses and organizations to refuse customers due to their personal religious beliefs. It’s known to many as a bill that encourages discrimination and exclusion in Ga.
The bill passed in the state House and Senate and made it all the way to Deal’s desk, and there was uncertainty in the state as to whether or not Deal would sign it.

He didn’t. His veto kept Ga. from being in a situation similar to the one in North CarolinaSimilar bills in other states are getting attention from national news outlets, and a few have been subsequently vetoed.

Praise came in as early as Monday afternoon for Deal’s decision.