DJ Khaled inspires world, one Snapchat at a time


Kobie Davis

The man who made the hits, “All I Do Is Win,” “I’m So Hood” and “No New Friends,” is taking over pop culture once again through a different outlet than music. DJ Khaled, 40, uses his Snapchat account to drop daily inspiration to his over 2 million friends on the social media app.

One never knows what to expect in the life of Khaled.  Some days he may be dropping inspiration while working out. He might be jet skiing near his house in Miami. He could be in the studio with one of his many celebrity friends. Or just relaxing in his hammock, drinking coconut milk. The unpredictability of his lifestyle has attracted many to watch his account daily, including junior Olivia Brozek.

“His account lets me escape my life and see the day in the life of a celebrity,” Brozek said. “Also, everything he says is either really positive or funny, so it makes my day a little better.”

Brozek said she added DJ Khaled on Snapchat a couple weeks before Christmas, and has been watching ever since.

Khaled calls his motivational speeches, “Keys to  more success.” Cocoa Butter, Listerine, Dove Soap, Oatmeal, and “Securing your bag,” have all been preached as being necessities to being successful.

Brozek has started to adopt some of these beliefs. “I’ve learned some valuable things from his Snapchat. To be more thankful for everything. Make the most of everyday and be more carefree,” Brozek said.

DJ Khaled’s already turning a profit off his words of wisdom. His We The Best Store website sells “special cloth” which includes everything from hoodies to headphones , all covered in his classic sayings.

Brozek hopes to soon buy his “Bless Up” slides or socks covered in key emojis, a trademark of Khaled’s brand now.

But he doesn’t just use his stories on Snapchat to show off his lifestyle and make money. He’s promoted Obama Care, working hard in school, and living healthier.

If you haven’t already added him on Snapchat, you still can. He doesn’t look to end his daily positivity any time soon. As he says on his snapchat, “They will never stop me.”


Photo courtesy of Meghan Roberts