State representative pulls name from controversial bill

John Ellis

Native Georgian and 12 year state representative Tommy Benton has been a serious defender of the former U.S Confederacy for years.

The 65 year old republican is pushing for legislation to preserve state monuments depicting prominent members of the Confederacy under the introduction of his newest proposal, House Resolution 1179.

The proposed resolution would protect the carving of Confederate President Jefferson Davis and General Robert E. Lee at the base of Stone Mountain, preserving the area as “an appropriate and suitable memorial for the confederacy”.

“I support the remembrance of my ancestors,”  Benton said. “You need to be proud of your heritage.”

However, representative Benton pulled his name from the resolution this past Tuesday due to unfortunate national recognition following controversial comments regarding slavery, the Ku Klux Klan and the Civil War.

“I took my name off the bill to try and allow the house to go about its business.” Benton said the morning following his separation from the proposal, “It doesn’t mean I won’t bring it back.”

The bill’s co-sponsors are planning on pulling their names as well, which would effectively kill the resolution, leaving Benton back where he started.


Photo Courtesy of the Atlanta Journal Constitution