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Presidential underdog: Martin O’Malley


Alia Carlton

Who is he?

Known for his height, piercing stare and underexposure at Democratic national debates, O’Malley is a former governor of Maryland and mayor of Baltimore. Along with his flourishing political career, his official website details his current role as the frontman of an Irish rock band called O’Malley’s March. As if his omnipresence in pop culture didn’t extend far enough, David Simon, creator of television show the The Wire, told The Daily Mail that O’Malley was a partial inspiration for the mayoral character on the show. O’Malley has four kids and a political record of reducing crime and improving education, as well as decriminalizing marijuana in Maryland and raising the minimum wage. While not as well-known as his fellow Democratic nominees, he’s been present at every debate and is one of only three candidates remaining.

What’s he running on?

According to his website, O’Malley’s platform is based on transitioning wholly to renewable energy sources by 2050, helping more teens find jobs and eliminating students’ debt within their first five years out of college. He’s also passionate about gun control, jobs for all veterans, teen employment and ending childhood hunger.

Why care?

According to the International Business Times, some say O’Malley winning the Democratic primary is nearly impossible. However, some speculate that he aspires to join the Clinton ticket and become a vice presidential candidate. Even if he isn’t inaugurated in 2017, we might just see him in the Oval one day.

His stance on Syria?

O’Malley wants the United States to accept 65,000 Syrian refugees in comparison to the 10,000 President Obama called for, according to The Des Moines Register.


Photo courtesy of Creative Commons