Golf team still looking for replacement coach

Sam Jones

(L to R) Finnis Jones, Corey Bryant, Sam Katz, Thomas Hills and George Dusenbury at Heritage golf club for a team practice.

The small, but quickly growing Decatur golf team has faced three new coaches in the past three years. Despite the quick succession of coaches the team continues to grow and thrive.

Through the years of having a new coach as consistent as the Dark Arts position at Hogwarts, the golf team has still made it to regionals.

While the team seems to be doing fine without a steady coach, many players think some consistency from a golf coach would really help the team.

Junior George Dusenbury, member of the golf team, hopes the school finds a consistent coach this year and is dreaming of someone that has even more to offer than just stability.

“We want someone who knows about the game of golf,” Dusenbury said.

Senior Corey Bryant is looking for a coach that can give the team more “individual attention” and “technique work.”

The team’s past coaches have had fleeting or no experience with the game, making it difficult for them to relate to the players.

“A coach who can understand the game and teach us based of their knowledge would be a huge step up,” Dusenbury said.

With no rumors about who the new golf coach might be, the new personnel is still a mystery. The golf team is hoping for a coach to help bring the team together.


Photos courtesy of India Sayers