Suburban Lanes Leaves Decatur


Suburban Lanes will no longer be in operation by April.

Mckenzie Rhone

By the end of April, Suburban Lanes will pack up its bowling pins and close its bowling lanes forever. Announced at a neighborhood meeting Jan. 7, the developer of Suburban Plaza, Selig Enterprises, ended Suburban Lanes’ lease due to financial issues.

Many students at Decatur consider Suburban Lanes a staple in the city and are upset that it is leaving. Senior Rob Townes frequents the bowling alley to relax and hang out with friends.

“Suburban Lanes is a fun place to hang every Thursday night for one dollar bowling, and they have a tightly knit league bowling community” Townes said. “It will be mourned by many.”

Sophomore Fiona Taylor is also sad to see the business go.

“Suburban Lanes is a great place to be able to go with friends and it’s a shame it is closing.”

Suburban Plaza might be trading bowling balls for books, as a bookseller in Dallas called “Half Price Books” already submitted a letter of intent.

“Decatur doesn’t need another bookstore,” Taylor said. “Everyone just goes to Little Shop of Stories if they need a book anyway.”

Backed by the love and support of many Decatur families, Suburban Lanes is not leaving without putting up a fight. One of the business’s owners, Trisha Walker, began an online petition to Selig Enterprises to keep the bowling alley. Walker is just 474 shy of reaching her goal of 1,00 petitioners.

“People in the community have asked us to start this petition so their voices can be heard about how much they want Suburban Lanes to stay,” the Suburban Lanes petition states on

Saying goodbye to the bowling alley isn’t the only change to come to the area. Currently, Selig Enterprises has contracts with companies like Walmart and LA Fitness to join the development.

Some feel the future incoming businesses will help the area develop, but others see the changes as disruptive to the community vibe in Decatur.

“I think its sad that they are taking away all these smaller businesses that have been in Decatur for so long for just a few giant stores,” senior Aeron Tozerich said.

However the developments play out, one thing is certain. Come May, Decatur will no longer have a bowling alley.