How to survive IB


For the sophomores braving the new world of IB classes, fear not, for this year’s top juniors have advice for you.

1. Learn to sacrifice. Diploma student Jenna Hanes says that naming one thing as more important is okay. “It’s important to prioritize and to know that doing formatives is helpful in a lot of cases, but it’s okay to do summatives instead,” she said. “You don’t have to do everything.”

If the IB stress gets to you, check out some IB memes like this one.


2. The creator of the Tumblr page for surviving IB ( to link) says IB success is “basic.” She suggests working your hardest, but to above all “get good sleep and eat well if nothing else.”

3. Don’t waste time avoiding homework. Junior Noemi Griffin, a student in the IB Diploma Program, puts it simply. “Do your [expletive] work,” she said. Even though complaining about your workload may seem tempting, it’s best just to sit down and do it, she says.

4. Make IB friends. At times, it may feel like you have no social life, but your fellow DP students feel the same. As survivingib says “Make lots of friends and don’t be afraid to work together. Don’t copy each other, but learn from each other. IB is as much a social experience as it is an academic one.”

5. Try not to stress out. Overwhelming yourself only stops you from doing work. Diploma student Richard Newsome says it’s okay to not get caught up on a grade. “A three in history is good,” he said.