Souper Jenny makes Decatur debut


After being delayed by winter storms earlier this year, restaurant Souper Jenny has finally made its way into Decatur. The second location opened on Valentine’s day. Since then the staff has been working towards the same success the original location in Buckhead found in their 15 years of business.

Keith Yaeger is the manager of Decatur’s Souper Jenny location, which is under the ownership of chef Jenny Levison.

“We come in at six am every morning,” he said. “Our orders come [at that time] and we start fresh everyday, so [the food] is made that morning for that afternoon.”

Many of Souper Jenny’s dishes focus on healthiness and freshness. Just about every recipe is crafted by Levison herself, who hops between the different restaurants to help out.

“Sometimes, depending on what’s fresh or available she will step out of the box,” Yaeger said in regards to the recipes. “If [Levison] can’t get something that’s fresh, she won’t buy it [and] she won’t put it on the menu.”

Having enjoyed her food long before actually working with her, Yaeger described Souper Jenny to be one of “the best work experiences I’ve had in 20 years, no kidding.” He remarked on the atmosphere in Levison’s restaurants.

“I’m so happy that I get to come to work everyday and it’s that we get along really well, and everybody is just all about positivity,” he said.

As for the rest of Levison’s restaurants, Yaeger thinks she’ll be settling down for a while. In the meantime Decatur’s new addition can work on gaining enough momentum to swing high into the success level of its parent restaurant.