Decatur ranks lowest in metro area on Equality Index

Though Decatur is known for being LGBT-friendly, a recent ranking by the Human Rights Campaign says otherwise. The organization’s Municipal Equality Index, which rates a city by its recognition and inclusion of the LGBT community, recieved the lowest score of any metro city.

Out of a possible 100 on the scale, Decatur got a mere 27– which pales in comparison to the city of Atlanta’s perfect score.

Decatur’s City Manager, Peggy Merriss, attributed the low score to the small size of Decatur’s government.

“We don’t have mayor’s liaisons to anything,” Merriss said. “He shares a desk with the four other city commissioners and when they come in, they have a desk and a phone they can use.  The mayor doesn’t even have an office.”

Ratings like these earned Georgia a 39/100 overall.


Source: Decatur Metro