New safety precautions introduced after recent robberies (VIDEO)

CSD holds community meeting Sept. 5

UPDATE: Sept. 20, 2013 Decatur Police make arrests, reports the DecaturMetro blog.

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After three armed robberies occurred on Friday, Aug. 30 after Decatur’s football game against Grady High School, Superintendent Phyllis Edwards scheduled a meeting for Sept. 5  to discuss new safety measures for students and fans at football games.

“I’m extremely grateful that none of our students were hurt, but at the same time it sent a message that we need to respond to and to make sure that our students feel safe in their community,” Principal Lauri McKain said at the meeting.

McKain discussed  certain steps administration has taken since the robberies, including notifying the faculty and students of the incidents – as well as offering support and counseling to the victims.

The administration has also begun looking at new safety precautions. “We’re investigating metal detectors,” McKain said. “It’s certainly not something that we absolutely love, but at the same time, other schools are doing it. We think if we can provide the safest environment possible  for our fans and students then we need to explore all of our options, because that’s our number one priority.”

In addition to metal detectors, administrators considering wanding, a procedure last used after Sept. 11, 2001. They also will explore rerouting student pick-up locations after the football game. McKain said that they will come to a decision on exact safety procedures after the fall break.

“We will be continuing conversations about safety with our students,” McKain said. “We are always evaluating our procedures for safety.”

In terms of handling the robbery incidents, the Decatur Police Department has conducted interviews and hired a sketch artist, as well as contacted police officers at DeKalb schools and Grady High School. “[The police] are doing everything within our power to insure that these people are held accountable,” Decatur Police Captain Scott Richards said.

Safety Meeting at Decatur High School from City Schools of Decatur on Vimeo.