Senior directs dance show


Senior Emily Miller directed and performed in Decatur City Dance’s student choreography on April 28th at SAMs street studio (owned by Decatur School of Ballet).

“Last year I offered to help our director, and about halfway through the process she had to step out, which left me in charge. Since I had done it before, I took the reins on this year’s production,” Miller said.

Miller asked all the dancers in the DCD company to choreograph or volunteer to be part of her show, which was one among many details she had to tend to.

“Finding a venue, creating a flyer, creating a program, coordinating with choreographers to ensure dances, speaking to audiences, keeping 40 dancers under control, and of course, and most importantly, dancing in the pieces myself,” Miller said.

Miller wasn’t alone in her directing, many of her senior friends helped contribute to the show and took some weight off her shoulders.

“Emily didn’t ask for help very often, she wanted the show to be all about the students and she mostly had support from her senior friends,” Kathleen Banks Everett, Owner and Director of Decatur School of Ballet, said.

It wasn’t easy to be a choreographer and a dancer in her own pieces, but Miller was able to juggle that in addition to directing the entire show.

“I choreographed a dance that ended up exactly as perfect as I imagined it in my head. In all honesty, at my final rehearsal for the piece, my cast brought tears to my eyes. It’s unbelievable to watch something you’ve imagined, have life breathed into it by a cast of dancers. There are so many opportunities for the soul of a dance to get lost throughout the duration of the rehearsal process. It was such a special moment to see in front of me, exactly the dance I imagined in my head,” Miller said.

“[Miller] was a really incredible director and was really good about reminding us about upcoming rehearsals or giving us deadlines for different part of the process. I honestly can’t believe she worked so hard on the shoe on top of college applications and the senior project. She puts so much time and dedication into the show and I can only hope that we find someone just as passionate to direct next year,” Zoe Bayer a choreographer and performer in the show, said.

“I can only attempt to convey just how remarkably proud I am of the show we put together. To put hundreds of hours, endless thought, and infinite effort into something, and have it all work out in the end; there is no feeling equal to it,” Miller said.