Seniors finish high school strong


The senior project coaches encouraged seniors to do a project which they had genuine interest in, or on a topic which was close to their hearts. “Part of my project was to pay tribute to my godbrother who died of cancer when he was 8,” Ayanna Holt said. “Talking about someone so close to me that I never knew made me cry. In front of strangers. That was fun.”

One night a year, Decatur seniors prove their maturity and readiness for the adult world. This year, that night was April 25, 2013.

Senior project boards night is an annual event during which every Decatur senior must present their year-long senior project to a group of reviewers for evaluation. Passing this review means graduation for the senior- making it one of the most nerve-racking nights of the year for many.

Watch the slideshow below to see how the night progressed.