Rockin’ for the Rileys


The money raised by the Rock and Roll Revue will be donated to Angela Riley’s family, seen in the middle with brothers Drew and Brett Riley. Photo courtesy of Brett Riley.

Students and teachers are continuing their yearly tradition of rocking out on May 17 and 18 for Rock and Roll Revue. For over 10 years, student bands and, recently, teacher bands come together for one goal – to entertain. This year,however, they have another goal – to raise money for Angela Riley.

Librarian Susan Riley’s 25-year-old daughter Angela was walking in the streets of Nashville, Tennessee on the morning of May 11, when she was run over by a drunk driver. Currently, Angela, along with her mom and dad, is in a hospital in Nashville.

“She has three broken vertebrae, internal bleeding and swelling of the brain,” Angela’s brother Brett Riley said.

The heads of Rock and Roll Revue wanted to help the Riley family in any way they could.

“It’s just that Ms.Riley has always been so sweet and so helpful,” Rock and Roll Revue Coordinator Jennifer Gonzalez said. “It’s time that we return the favor and help Ms. Riley any way we can.”

So this year, the money made from shirts and admissions for the concert will go to the Riley family.

“We have a lot of Angela’s friends coming to help us collect,” Gonzalez said.

The admissions for the show is five dollars, but the admissions and a t-shirt together cost seven dollars.

Seeing the support that the school and Rock and Roll Revue has made Brett appreciate the Decatur community even more.

“I know everyone loves and respects my mom, but the moment something went bad, I had everyone in the city of Decatur asking how I was feeling and what did I need,” Brett said.

Brett is extremely appreciative of his Decatur community. “In the past two days, I have had 40 meals brought to my house,” he said. “The support has just been unreal.”

The members of the Rock and Roll Revue bands have been working hard to make the show as great as it can be.

“It used to be that we practiced twice a week,” band member Paris Watel-Young said, “but now we have amped it up to about every afternoon.”

Everyone who is involved in the concert is working hard to help the Riley family out.

“We know Angela will get better, but we want to help the family in this difficult time,” Gonzalez said.

The concerts are at 7:00 p.m. on Friday, May 17 and at 6:30 on Saturday, May 18 in the Performing Arts Center.

“It’s going to be awesome,” Watel-Young said, “because we’re going to be rocking out for such a good cause.”