A “true musical” returns


As the curtains open and the lights come up, cast members of the upcoming play Anything Goes wait for the cue to walk out on stage to dance and sing. Every practice and every rehearsal leads up to opening night and their chance to be in the spotlight. These actors have given their time to this play and hope to see it pay off. As opening night (Mar. 21) approaches they hope to meet the challenge placed in front of them.

Anything Goes is only the second musical that Decatur’s Light 74 Productions has produced since The Legend of Sleepy Hollow in spring 2011. Unlike The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, which was only partially a musical, Anything Goes is a complete musical from start to finish.

This is the first play that drama teacher Lynn Hosking did not produce- the new drama teacher Amy Czarnowski took over this year.

“This is my first year directing here, and it’s also [Decatur’s] first big official musical production,” Czarnowski said.

Junior Alexis Williams, who has acted in the plays since 2010, plays the part of a backup singer in a nightclub for Anything Goes. She has never participated in such a challenging play before.

“This is a true musical, the singing and dancing that we have to do is more intense,” Williams said.

For many cast members, this is their first high school play and musical. The time consumption expected turned out differently than what they thought when they first auditioned.

“It takes a lot of time and work which I don’t think people realize, since the show only last a couple of days,” sophomore Louisa Boswell said.

Even veteran cast members like senior Lea Parker, who has acted in previous shows (Robin Hood, 39 steps, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow), feel that this show is different from previous plays.

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow was more of a play with a little bit of music. I say Anything Goes is a full blown musical because the music is the main point of the show. The scenes are just secondary to keep the story going,” Parker said.

Besides the fact that it is a full musical, Anything Goes is Decatur’s first play to have a cast of about fifty students. To acknowledge everyone’s participation in the play, this year senior Rae Leonard redesigned the program.

“This year everyone has a biography and picture [in the program]. It’s a really big because we have a huge cast, it’s the biggest cast we have ever had,” Leonard said.

Anything Goes opens Thursday, Mar. 21 at 7:00 pm. Tickets are five dollars for students and ten dollars for adults. Get your tickets at the door or online, before they sell out.