DBA meeting reports state of city, honors Bill Floyd


The city commission elected Jim Baskett as mayor.

Every January, the President of the United States stands before Congress and delivers the State of the Union address. A similar speech is given in the City of Decatur each year, but it’s called the State of the City, and it’s delivered by the city mayor.

This year, new mayor Jim Baskett gave the State of The City address. Since he recently took the office because Bill Floyd resigned on Jan. 7, Baskett reassured the Decatur Business Association members that is he is competent in a very important area – leadership. “I look forward to working with such a great team, and I promise that we will continue to work as a team.”

Baskett described the status of the city. He spoke about how the city had a healthy fund balance and how there were no findings on the recent audit. He also congratulated the city on its minimal raises in property taxes, strong strategic plan and continuing services.

Baskett ended the address with: “The city government is viable and sustainable for a long period of time.”

After the State of the City address, the focus of the meeting went to honoring recently retired city mayor of 14 years, Bill Floyd. Decatur Education Foundation president Paula Collins praised Floyd and his work ethic. “It is all in how it gets in acted. One of the hallmarks of our city is that we get it done. Mayor Floyd is one of those guys that gets it done.”

As Floyd was introduced and walked to the stage, he received a standing ovation. With tears forming in his eyes, he began to speak. “It’s really been an incredible 21 years.”

He praised city aspects such as City Schools of Decatur and the people that are involved with CSD. “We have the best school system in the nation. It’s because you demand it, and nothing less.”

Floyd has high hopes for Decatur. “I think Decatur is in a great position to move forward. Our best days are still ahead of us.”

As Floyd ended, he was nothing but grateful. “I will always be grateful for the last 21 years. It’s been a life altering experience. Thank you.”