Decatur feels the beat for a new dance company


Get ready for a new extracurricular at school because Decatur’s new dance company is here.

Auditions for the new dance company started on Monday, September 17th and lasted for four days. Boys and girls came in the hopes of securing their spot in the dance company. “I hope I make the cut,” sophomore Ke’ilah Bailey said, “because I really want to be a part of the company.”

Sponsor Amy Czarnowski has been very pleased with the auditions so far. “We were very impressed with the number of students who showed up,” she said. “They were 100 percent dedicated to their dancing and wanted to show us that they deserved to be a member of the company.”

The added bonus of being coed has given the dance company some edge. “It just adds a very different dynamic,” Bailey said. “I am so excited to see our future duets.”

Inspired by the Renfroe dance company, Sparkle, Decatur’s dance company will involve students from both the middle and high school. For former Renfroe students, this is one of the many perks of the dance company. “It felt like a family when I did Sparkle in seventh grade,” freshman Arsharye Minton said. “I am so glad I won’t have to lose the sense of family here at Decatur.”

In addition to a sense of belonging, Czarnowski hopes dance will teach the students lessons for their daily lives. “I hope the students in the group gain a sense of confidence and self-worth,” she said.

Czarnowski has had many previous experiences involving dance. She taught three dance classes at her former school in Chelsea, Ma. In addition to teaching, she’s also danced with several professional dance companies such as The Boston Ballet and Jeanette Neill Dance.

With such professional sponsorship, the company has excited many of it’s prospective dancers. “It feels really legit,” Bailey said, “because we get the opportunity to work with professional dancers from all around.”

With the buzz of excitement filling the air, Decatur’s new dance company is off to a promising start. “I can’t wait till we perform already,” Minton said. “I’m so ready for the rush that comes with performing.”


Sophomore Will Bennett and freshman Arsharye Minton practice their ballet choreography for the tryouts. “I want to do something after school that I really love,” Minton said.