Coming Out Day at Decatur

On October 11th, Decatur’s Gay-straight alliance club sponsored National Coming Out Day, or NOCD.

This year was the 24th anniversary of NCOD, which was started in 1988 and is intended for gay, transgender or bi-sexual people to come out to their friends and families if it was otherwise difficult for them.

Decatur celebrated the spirit of the day by spreading information to students on the history and purpose of this day.

The members of the Gay/straight Alliance passed out this information and stickers to anyone who wanted to support the cause. A good amount of students participated. Participation was not only for people who were coming out, students were also able, and encouraged, to label themselves as supporters.

Although some people are still not in agreement with this practice, the rights of homosexual people in the US have greatly improved due to celebrations and protests like these.

One of the first outright protests against unfair treatment of homosexual people was in 1961 when Frank Kameny took the U.S. govt. to the supreme court over ‘the Lavender Scare.’ Since then, protests and informative events like NCOD have aided in the spread of equality throughout the United States.

National Coming Out Day was created by the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) to spread equality across the globe and help those who are struggling with their identities. NCOD is not solely practiced among high school students, people of all ages across the country also took advantage of the day to express their sexuality and support.

The increasing acceptance of homosexuality is impacting celebrities also, there are more celebrities from all genres coming out to the public, whereas a few years ago this wouldn’t have been considered acceptable.