Kickin’ it soccer style: Farmer’s market branches out

Kickin’ it soccer style: Farmer’s market branches out

James Hammerl

James Hammerl can sell over a thousand hot dogs a day. He and his partner challenge everyone walking past to partake in eating the “best dogs of atlanta.”

Farmer’s Markets in the City of Decatur are moving away from parking lots. Some businesses are now taking their tents and products over to the Atlanta Youth Soccer Association soccer fields in Candler Park on Saturday afternoons. While three to four or even five soccer games are played back to back, businesses such as Revolution Doughnuts and Doggy Dog (the “finest” hot doggery in Atlanta) have come to sell their products to the soccer players, “and more importantly, soccer moms,” employee of Revolution Doughnuts, Tyler Hall said.

“It’s definitely a better investment of our time,” Hall said.

Revolution Doughnuts, up until mid-August, had been setting up and selling doughnuts, cold drinks and coffee at the Decatur Farmer’s Market.

“It was pretty slow, you pretty much got the regulars and that was it,” Hall said. “The AYSA soccer fields have a lot more going on. People already have to be there for the games for a few hours. They’re going to get hungry, and we’re right there. I get a lot of business because of that.”

AYSA Farmer’s Market does not sell exclusively to soccer players. Anyone walking by can partake in the goods.

“I stop by all the time while I’m walking my dog,” Anita Reylands said, a resident who lives in Candler Park. “It’s convenient and very filling. I look forward to my Saturday afternoon walks because halfway through there’s a doughnut with my name on it.”

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It’ll switch up every weekend, but the staple doughnuts Revolution brings to the market are salted caramel, chocolate, and vanilla-bean glazed. Throughout the year, seasonal doughnuts will make appearances. This month, strawberry, fig, and apple doughnuts and fritters fill the baskets of Revolution’s booth.