Stepping out of the Friday night lights

Friday nights at the stadium are heard all around Decatur. The coaches yell, the fans cheer and the marching band performs.

This Saturday, Sept. 29, the band will be stepping out from under the Friday night lights to perform in their first band competition of the year. The event will be in Rome, Georgia. They also have another contest coming up on Oct. 20.

The full band practices together every Monday and Thursday. Band teacher Megan Williams sees a lot of potential in the group and is pleased with everyone’s work ethic. “We’re all happy with the progress has been made so far, and we’re looking to keep improving,” said Williams.

On top of the twice weekly full-band practices, the band gets time to practice the music in band class. The auxiliaries – drill team and color guard – have separate, additional practices on Tuesdays to work on choreography.

For the first time ever, the marching band is headed by a sophomore. Drum major Windsor Jones is excited about the upcoming competitions and plans on “striving for the highest score.” The categories that the judges with mark on include, musicality, uniformity, visual impact, artistic interpretation, and difficulty based on music and drill.

Taking on the role as drum major has been a great experience for him, but has presented some difficulties. “The biggest challenge I have faced is learning football and calling stand tunes.”

To Williams, Jones displays good qualities of a leader such as his ability to problem solve as well as how he connects with his peers. “Windsor is doing a fantastic job,” said Williams. “The job is not easy, and part of the reason I chose him is because he is such a hard worker.”

While making quality music, the band is also connecting well outside of practices and the classroom. “Socially, they are having a blast,” said Williams. “The better connected we are socially the better we are as an organization.”

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