Parker transitions from middle school to high school


Parker was a teacher for five years at Renfroe Middle School and has sinced moved to Decatur High School.

Dr. Beth Parker has been a teacher for 23 years and has seen the differences between middle and high school.

“I started my teaching career in high school,” Parker said. She taught for five years at Henry County High School.

Parker was a teacher for seven years at Renfroe Middle school. She has recently moved to the high school to work in the science department.

“I teach juniors and seniors, and I teach forensics to half of them and biology to the other half,” she said.

Parker is teaching some of the same students she taught five years ago. She has noticed a difference since middle school.

“It is really cool to tell everyone back at the middle school that all the kids I had are now mature,” Parker said.

Charlie Fisher, a junior who took Parker’s class in sixth grade, is excited to have her again.

“I think it’s really exciting because we always did stuff in class in sixth grade that made learning fun,” Fisher said.

Fisher said he enjoys experiencing Parker in the high school setting.

“I think she is a great teacher, and she makes school more fun,” Fisher said.

All fun aside, Parker said she sees quite the contrast between teaching high school and middle school.

“I think what’s harder is that students are pulled in a lot more directions,” she said. “It’s easier because high schoolers are much more self sufficient. I can give them a task, and I don’t have to chop it up so much.”

When Parker first came to the high school she thought that Decatur would be uptight.

“One of the things that was surprising to me about coming to the school was that I assumed that the faculty was kind of sterile and that they would not be fun,” she explained, “but it has been completely nice and caring and welcoming.”

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