Local author releases new book


McVoy has written four books, and just released her latest book Being Friends with Boys May 1st

When you first pick up the young adult novel Being Friends with Boys and read it, don’t be shocked if you drop it on your foot when you realize it’s a book that takes place right next store to where you live.

For Terra McVoy, writer of the book and former manager of the local bookstore Little Shop of Stories, this was no coincidence. “Decatur is where I work and live, and it’s the environment I know best,” McVoy said. “Decatur is also this amazing community that is full of creativity and diversity. I can’t imagine a better place to set my novels, at least, when it’s appropriate.”

McVoy released the book May 1st, 2012. It’s the fourth book she’s written, but this one’s got a twist: instead of writing a book about friendship between girls, McVoy decided to write about friendship between girls…and boys.

The inspiration for the book came close to the heart for McVoy. “I’ve been very blessed in my life to have a lot of terrific friends who happen to be guys. In my other books, I had written about girl relationships, but not as much about the fellas,” she said. McVoy felt it was time to give the male point of view the spotlight for a chance. “I wanted to do something where I could further explore the great potential relationships between guys and girls, and that’s where Being Friends with Boys was born.”

For McVoy, writing and reading have always been a important to her. “Asking me why I chose to be a writer is kind of like asking someone why they chose to breathe,” she said. “Reading and writing have just always been a part of my life; I’ve been doing both things since I was 4 years old.”

Writing isn’t always the easiest for McVoy, but she enjoys the challenge. “Writing involves your imagination, your life experience, creativity and discipline, plus some really interesting research,” she said. “All of this combines in a way that no other job I’ve had quite does. Therefore, to me, it’s challenging and exciting on more than one level.”

To find out more about McVoy and her books, visit her site.