Teacher of the Year defines teaching as a hobby

Teacher of the Year defines teaching as a hobby

Charles Copp observing and coaching one of the Boy’s Basketball Games.

Basketball coach and ESS study skills and US History teacher Charles Copp (Charlie) was awarded the honor of being Teacher of the Year this past year. This is Copp’s fifth year teaching at Decatur High School, and first year receiving the award. The Teacher of the Year award is a yearly award given to a teacher that is recognized by other teachers for their outstanding performance as a Decatur teacher. “It’s nice to think that other teachers think you’re doing a great job,” Copp said.

Copp has thoroughly enjoyed his time here at Decatur High School, and says that the reason why he probably got the award was that the teachers recognized his hard work in teaching students. In his teaching methods, he tries to instill morals to his students. “Put out maximum effort. Be on time. Take responsibility on yourself, and appreciate differences between people are the morals I try to teach,” he said.

Copp has also been the basketball coach for 6 years, and currently enjoys being the head coach. “It’s a great chance to see young men get better,” he said.

Teaching, is something that Copp defines as an important hobby of his and a huge aspect in his life. “I greatly enjoy it,” he said. “It’s a great career to dedicate your life to.” He also enjoys his surroundings while teaching at Decatur. “My favorite thing about teaching is the challenge of working with students with a wide variety of backgrounds.”

For Copp, receiving the Teacher of the Year award makes him only want to work harder and continue teaching. “Hopefully will continue teaching for a while,” he said. “I really enjoy working with other people.”