The Doctors Are In


Jackson, who is the head counselor, attended UGA in both Athens and Gwinnett to complete his degree.

The school counselors can be many things to students. Advisors for social and academic lives, and just someone to speak your mind to. Two counselors now have another title: Doctor.

In the United States, less than half the population (25 and over) has a college degree. Less than one percent of the nation has a doctoral degree. Counselors Ken Jackson (last names H-P) and Kim Jones (last names Q-Z) are now part of that group. Both have furthered their education, and they have been rewarded for it.

Kimberly Jones earned her PhD in K-12 educational leadership from Argosy University in December of 2011. The new knowledge she has gained has given her numerous new goals. “One is to do more work in the area of leadership in the school and CSD, eventually get to the point at the board. Mr. Jackson already has increased some of the things that I’m doing and given me some autonomy on some projects. That can only help me in my aspirations to go further.”

Ken Jackson, former teacher, principal, and current counselor has been studying at the University of Georgia’s School of Education for over 2 years, working towards his PhD in counseling and student affairs. He got his bachelors degree from Mercer University and his masters from the University of North Florida.

Students and teachers alike are benefiting from knowledge Jackson gained from the program. “Most things that I have done, I’ve redesigned and thought about in different ways based upon what I’m doing in the program.”

When he walks across the stage at the Stegeman Coliseum on May 11th in Athens, Georgia many doors and opportunities will have sprung up. Jackson knows what those opportunities are, and plans to take full advantage of them. “At some point, I definitely want to teach at the college level. My dilemma is I love being a practicing counselor, I love being in schools and doing what I do. But I also enjoy teaching future counselors.”