The Lit Mag has come from humble roots

Decatur is full of creativity. And if you went to the Arts Showcase night you saw that we have many young creative writers and artists.Well it is time for them to showcase their talents again in this year’s Literary Magazine

The Lit Mag has been produced every year for 30 years and is full of poems, short stories, and art submitted by Decatur students. It was founded by Susan Bennet, Decatur’s former AP Lang and Creative Writing teacher who retired in 1998.

The Lit Mag came from humble roots Dr. Cara Cassell explains, “We started by just cutting and pasting the text by hand then sending it to the bindery, now we do everything electronically and in half the time using Adobe InDesign. It has been amazing to me not just the technology advancement over the years, but the creativity of the students each year.”

It is the job of the creative writing class to head the production of the Lit Mag. Every year they divide the class into four groups; Editors, line editors, submissions, and layout. This year the Creative Writing class is taking the Lit Mag a step forward. In the past the Lit Mag has been very simple, one theme for all the writing in art.

This year there will be four different themes, all containing different pieces of writing and art. I sat down with one of the head editors, Caroline Corder, to find out what it’s like to be in charge of such a detailed project. “It is very hard to be the head editor. Sometimes I get stressed when people don’t turn their work in on time. Also doing four different themes has proved difficult to organize, but the result of the quality of the result has proven to be fantastic,” Corder said.

Zach Loehle has been in charge of submissions. He had a first hand look at most pieces going into the Lit Mag. “There is a lot of variety this year. The four themes have allowed us to get pieces of all types. The writing in art won’t be too dark or too light. It will be just right.”

If the Lit Mag interests you and you want to be apart of the team that produces it, you can talk to Cassell about joining or if you just want to help show support for our young creative students you can pick up your copy of the Literary Magazine after spring break 2012.