New environment for students from Chiapas


From March 19th to the 26th students from Chiapas, Mexico came to the United States and visited the Decatur Community. The students stayed with DHS students and their families.

Throughout the week both DHS and Chiapas students bonded over planned activities. They arrived Monday the 19th and ate a meal at Taco Mac near the Square. “I looked out my window and to my surprise I saw a bunch of Chiapas Students taking pictures of cars”, freshman Simona Covarrubias said. After school on Tuesday the Chiapas students came from visiting the elementary schools, and Renfroe middle school to practice in the high school’s band room with students currently in the band. Then later in the day they played and performed during the boys and girls varsity soccer games. On Wednesday they traveled downtown to visit the Georgia Aquarium. On the 22nd they cheered on the drama club in the showing of their new play “Robin Hood Prince of Thieves.” Friday was a low key day with their host family, having free time, many went to Lenox mall. Then Friday after cheering on the runners participating in Tour Decatur, they had a day in the sun at Six Flags Over Georgia.

As their time in Decatur came to a close tears were cried at the goodbye dinner and during the day on Monday the 26th. “So, I’ve got this problem… I’m already missing all of ’em :(“ Rob Molano (Chiapas student) posted on his Facebook wall.