For the sake of doughnuts

For the sake of doughnuts

Maria Riggs

All of the desserts made by Maria and Joel Riggs are baked from scratch using high quality ingredients – like free-range eggs, sweet cream butter, Belgian chocolate, pure vanilla, and fresh seasonal fruits.

Chocolate glaze is poured in a thick stream over a warm freshly baked doughnut. Beside it sits it’s companions, at least 12 chocolate doughnuts that shine and reflect the light of Maria Riggs’s kitchen window. Maria Riggs and her husband, Joel Riggs, have been baking goods for Decatur residents for almost three years. For two of those years, they have come out to the Decatur Farmer’s Market every Saturday morning to sell their hot chocolate, coffee, caramel sticky buns, blueberry scones, jam, and doughnuts.

The idea for their own shop, a doughnut store in Decatur, took root during their cross country trip from San Fransisco to Atlanta almost four years ago. It began when they found a small doughnut stand at a county fair that baked the best doughnuts they’d ever tasted. “There were a lot of little food stands in a circle at the fair. The line of people going to the doughnut stand surpassed every other. It was well worth the wait,” Maria Riggs said. That inspiration led to the Riggs opening their own coffee shop in the Auburn Market a year later. They continued to chew on the possibility however, of their own doughnut shop.

From friends within the Farmer’s Market and food truck business, the Riggs discovered the idea of a kick-starter; a supporter program for the food-making industry where anyone can donate money towards the entrepreneur’s idea. “Kick back is a way for people in your neighborhood who are supporting your business to achieve a sort of emotional connection to you and your goods. Other people helped create it, so they will go out of their way to help it grow,” Maria Riggs said. The Riggs jumped onto this opportunity, and because of it, their business is looking up and becoming a reality. Revolution Doughnuts will likely take over the Springtime space in Decatur because of all the financial help kick-back has given them.