Students face history change


Having taught World History for over half a decade, Embry has perfected the art of teaching it.

For over a decade, sophomore students have taken world history. It has become routine. Not anymore. That’s all about to change.

For Decatur to become an IB school and graduate students with an IB diploma, it must change its course line-up. This requires only a few changes for the history program. Next year, world history will not be taught at Decatur. Sophomores will take U.S. history instead. The following year, world history will make its return as a two-year IB level course. The class will be taught junior year, and students will have a choice to continue in to their senior year or take a different social studies elective.

Another reason for the change is to align the English and history programs. So when sophomores take U.S. history, they’ll also take American lit.

Junior Will Ehrensperger is disappointed that the AP world history level class won’t return. “It was a great first AP, and it’s too bad sophomores won’t be able to take it next year.”

Social studies department chair Kristen Embry has taught social studies for over five years and has gotten accustomed to teaching it a certain way. She feels her method works. Next year, she’ll have to modify her teaching methods to fit the IB course descriptions.

Even though Embry will have to make adjustments to her teaching style, she still is in favor of the IB program.“The IB program, in general, as a program, is fantastic because it really raises the level of scholarship, and it’s really teaching kids to do history like historians. I love that,” Embry said.

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