New LAX coach brings new game

The 2012 spring sports season has just begun. Almost all of the teams have concluded their weekly conditioning and have completed their tryouts. This season started as it did last year, aside from one change: Bridgid Lynch has been hired as the new varsity girls lacrosse coach.

Not only is Lynch new to Decatur’s lacrosse program, she is also new to Decatur. She recently moved here from Long Island, NY, following her fiance’s job transfer to the Decatur area. In New York, Lynch worked as a special education teacher and served as the girls lacrosse and field hockey coach at Manhasset High School for eight years.

“Up north, my girl’s main priority was lacrosse,” Lynch explained. “It wasn’t just a season for them. It was all year round. All they did was lacrosse.”

Here in Decatur, Lynch got a job at Clairemont Elementary as a ESS teacher and soon became involved with lacrosse. “Don Rigger reached out to me about a year ago, and I was also just looking for a good balance in my new life here,” Lynch said.

She went on further to talk about how Rigger’s passion for lacrosse and dedication for the program was one important factor in her choosing to coach.

One of Lynch’s most important goals is to establish a program that Decatur can be proud of, but her first goal is to get to know her players. “It hard having to start from scratch. I don’t know what the girls are capable of, and I’m worried I might push them too hard,” Lynch said.

“I am psyched to work with these girls. They have shown me that they are ready to have the chance to push themselves. I’m excited to teach the girls everything I know, and see how they take it,” she said.

“I want to open the doors to the game of lacrosse.”