Fashion show goes green

Students file into the dim theater on a Friday night, murmuring as they fill the seats almost to their capacity. Dance music pumps in through the speakers, and the undisturbed stage is adorned with decorations in the form of origami flowers ‘planted’ in old high heel shoes.

Behind the stage, models quickly zip, button and fasten pieces of clothing into place: tonight they are showing off the fruits of three months of labor, a project by Decatur’s fashion club to incorporate ‘going green’ into fashion.

“It’s all about how you can look cute and be eco-friendly at the same time,” fashion club president Jessica Carr said. “Instead of admission, we take canned food donations and lightbulbs, so people can help the world instead of just paying money.”

Each piece was designed to be fashionable, unique and, above all, harmless to the environment- each incorporates recycled materials, and not just fabrics. Students have created a hoodie lined with bottle caps, a dress made out of duct tape and newspaper and a pair of jeans constructed from several pairs of jeans, among other things. After the show, each bit of clothing is auctioned off to those daring enough to wear them.

“I got the idea when ACE presented their interactive powerpoint to us early this school year,” explains co-leader Raven Scott. “Near the end of it, they were saying ways we could help our environment. They threw a lot of ideas out there, but the one that caught my attention was a eco-friendly fashion show. So I suggested it during a Fashion Club meeting, and it went from there.”

Even though the show’s over, Carr says the fashion club is already hard at work on their next project.

“We’re planning on doing this thing called Phresh-Week. It’s kind of like homecoming week, where every day has a designated dress up theme. For example, there’d be a wear-all-pink day, sweatpants day, 80s day, indie day… We might even offer prizes! I think it will be fun, something cool for everyone to get involved in.”