Double Dragon opens in Decatur

Double Dragon has become a popular dinner location for families in Oakhurst. The restaurant opened in July, replacing Italian restaurant, Saba. Double Dragon serves authentic Chinese dishes with an American twist on classic dishes. 

Double Dragon is owned by business partners Michael Lo and George Yu. Lo focuses on the market, the service and the bar, while Yu is the head cook and vendor manager.

Although there are Asian inspired restaurants all over Atlanta, Double Dragon is the first Chinese restaurant in Decatur. Lo decided to open Double Dragon because he liked knew the restaurant would thrive in certain neighborhoods, like in the Decatur market.

Lo and Yu were also both inspired by their parents’ Chinese restaurants, and learned the ropes from their parents, but also took note of how they wanted to modify their cuisine.  

“One of our main goals was to reinvent this cuisine in a way that was more appealing and appropriate for today’s consumers,” Lo said.

To scope the competition, Lo went to almost all of the Chinese restaurants in Atlanta.  

“It validated what we thought really low price point, really low quality, really bad service, poor bad transparency of ingredients, no bar selection” Lo said.

Lo learned that the chicken at some restaurants he went to in Atlanta used random cutlets of meat, way too much flour, and was artificially dyed with red food coloring.

After observing the competition, Lo wanted to create a restaurant that cared about what was necessary for a successful business.  They use natural ingredients for their plates and use beet juice and turmeric as natural coloring agents. 

In addition to healthier options, Lo wanted their restaurant to be unique, but familiar. The Double Dragon name comes an 80s video game that made Lo nostalgic. He chose this name because he observed that traditional Mom-and-Pop Chinese restaurants have uncreative names such as “royal this golden that,” but Lo wanted a name that would say it was a Chinese restaurant, but still unique. 

Photos by Carly Herman-Gallow.