Here comes the Guide

An alternative bridal show makes its way to Decatur.

Lindsay Martin and Kaylan Ware

“Sit back. Relax and be inspired.”

On Jan. 26, Three Taverns Craft Brewery hosted The Big Fake Wedding, “a bridal show alternative.” The national event drew a crowd of engaged couples, local vendors and friends. Even the CEO and her family were present.

The doors opened at 6:30 pm. At 7 pm, surrounded by strangers, a couple renewed their vows after nearly two years of marriage in the decorated warehouse.

The menu for the wedding included a buffet with traditional cake for dessert.

Following the reception, lights were dimmed and the dance party begun. A live band arranged in a corner near the food table interacted with guests, promoting their band and asking, “what kind of entertainment will you have at your wedding?”

Tables behind the advertised alter and guest chairs were each decorated with a variety of centerpieces and table setting decorations. One table included macaroons on each plate with names printed on the dessert.

Counters of invitations, bridal show books and a photo booth attracted long lines of guests. A crowd gathered around Piper and Leaf Artisan Tea Co. to taste tea and in a take home jar decorated with The Big Fake Wedding and Piper and Leaf logo.

The commotion of the night dwindled as music filled Three Taverns Craft Brewery.

Question of the night: “Who’s getting married?”