Decatur High School, GA

Fairies fly into Decatur

Wings. These were the first things people noticed when driving along Scott Boulevard on Saturday, Oct. 1. The wings created a trail of breadcrumbs to the main event, Fairies in the Garden.

“We were thrilled [when we heard about Fairies in the Garden],” said Bridget Vaughn, a parent and first time attendee. “I have a little girl and she loves anything and everything fairy.”

From 2:30 p.m to 4 p.m, kids could live out their dreams of being a fairy.  Activities included a grand-summoning of the fairies, a story time with a Little Shop of Stories employee, and the ever popular Fairy Parade.

Kate Baltzell, executive director for Woodlands Gardens, knows that Fairies in the Garden is unique.

A Woodlands Garden employee greeted everyone with a smile and a fairy spell.

“It’s out in nature, we aren’t in a man-made structure or a shopping center,” she said. “Just to have a dozen fairy homes made out of rocks and nature, it’s touching to have such a positive response. “

Fairies in the Garden also is a great way to promote the gardens.

“It’s a fun way to attract an audience Woodlands might not see otherwise,” Baltzell said.

There were also fairy houses that Skyland Trail, a therapy center, created.  

“At first I was like, ‘Really?’ because fairies and gardens and therapy don’t seem to go together,” Jenny Milkkey, a Skyland Trail patient, said. “But [building the fairy houses] turned out to be a really healing process.”

Children spent hours looking for the fairy houses and Woodlands Garden appreciated the work that went into them. 

“I think it’s a great process because they can do something in therapy that benefits the community,” Baltzell said.


This was Woodlands Garden’s 6th Fairies in the Garden.



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