Return of King of Pops Yoga in the Park


Emmie Berberick

The class contains poses for all levels, however, Graham encourages guest to test their limits with each pose

After a little over 5 months, King of Pops Yoga in the Park has returned. Hundreds of people gather on the beltline every Tuesday night between the months of March and November.

Charlie Baxter Graham, a DHS alumni, leads a time of meditation as they stretch their arms up into a warrior position or one of the many other positions.

As the event enters its third season, the number of attendees has grown.

Elizabeth Pouns, has been going to King of Pops Yoga in the Park since March 2015, but as total attendance increases, Pouns’ attendance has decreased.

“I only go if I can get there early since there are so many people [this season],” Pouns said. “I like to be where I can hear.”

Sophomore Sarah Grace Stafford has never had the opportunity to experience the free yoga.

“It seems super cool and I really want to go,” Stafford said. “I hope to go soon because a lot of my friends go.”

Stafford, like many other students, is often busy when the class occurs and when they are available finding a ride there can be difficult.

“I’m either busy or I can’t find a ride because I don’t have a car,” Stafford said. “My friends often have the same problem.”

Like Stafford, Pouns enjoys the event more when her friends are able to attend.

“I always am more motivated to go when I know I’ll see friends I know there,” Pouns said.

Currently, King of Pops updates attendees by Facebook events every week.

King of Pops hopes to continue the free yoga in the park as long as people return.