Terrific Thursday: A date to shop


Squash Blossom makes a display for their special discount of 25 percent off specific products. “Terrific Thursday is a chance for our local businesses to shine,” Catherine Lee said.

Thanksgiving has just passed and with Christmas around the corner, everyone is starting to look for that special gift for the holidays. Terrific Thursday may be the place to find that perfect gift.

In the months of November and December, small businesses and boutiques on the Decatur Square, West Ponce and East Ponce have extra specials and in-store discounts to give to their customers.

Catherine Lee, development service coordinator for the City of Decatur, has been putting this event together for the last 10 years. She feels that Terrific Thursday gives consumers a reason not to go to the mall and to support our local businesses.

“Thursday is a significant day for the businesses,” Lee said.“ Businesses in Decatur believe that Thursday is the best day to get the greatest financial income because of more consumers.”

This year, 35 to 40 businesses are planning to participate in Terrific Thursday and the businesses are able to decide which sales and discounts they will offer.

Terrific Thursday is not like Black Friday with only one day for consumers to use special discounts. On Terrific Thursday, consumers have seven Thursdays in the month of Nov. and Dec. to receive the sales and discounts from the businesses.

Spectators come to see the Christmas Tree lighting on the Decatur Square on Dec.3. The tree was located above Vivid Boutique, Little Shop of Stories and Starbucks. This event collided with Terrific Thursday along the square.

“I heard that the businesses chose Thursday because Friday and Saturdays were already busy, especially in December, but Thursday was pretty slow,” Lee said.

Businesses not only like Thursdays, but they also like November and December because of the holidays.

“The holiday time period is pretty much when any shop can make or break their year,” Lee said “If they do well in the holidays that can help them out for the rest of the year.”

Usually Lee tries to schedule Terrific Thursday so it falls on the same date as other events going on at the Decatur Square.

“This year, we will have the Christmas tree lighting the first Thursday in December, and the third Thursday in December is the bond fire on the Decatur Square,” Lee said “It adds to the festive atmosphere.”

There are three more Terrific Thursday left for Dec. 3rd, 10th and 17th.

“Terrific Thursday is a chance for our local businesses to shine,” Lee said “Most businesses might have free beverages and snacks to make a really fun shopping experience in Downtown Decatur.”