Flemons dedicated to new album

Decatur teacher’s acapella group records LP


Dedication performs at Trade Bank lawn’s Summer Gospel Concert in Lawrenceville.

Stan Flemons is back in the studio.

Alongside his acapella group, Dedication, the Decatur math teacher began recording a new album which the group hopes to release by December.

“It’s been a slow process,” Flemons said. “We’ve probably recorded three or four songs so far. We hope to actually record a Christmas song and have that ready by the end of this year.”

Dedication’s first album, “Show Your Love,” is currently available on iTunes, featuring the title track and “I Lay My Sins on Jesus,” Flemons’ favorite tracks.

“We write maybe a couple songs and then the rest of them are arrangements or covers,” he said.

Flemons joined the group 25 years ago. He is, by now, familiar with the group’s songs and unique recording process.

“We actually record in one of the members’ basements,” he said. “We bought some equipment together and set up a little studio. Each one of us will go in and record our voices individually. We each…record two tracks to make the sound fuller.”

Before uniting with the Take Six-inspired ensemble, Flemons’ mother and sister, both voice majors, inspired his passion for music. He began singing at age ten, and then took a keen interest in acapella.

Dedication began as a four man-ensemble before Flemons stepped onto the scene.

“I love just hearing voices with no instrumentation,” he said. “I love the blend…I like just hearing the harmony without the distraction.”

Along with recording music, Dedication also performs both inside and outside the perimeter.

“Right now we’re performing mainly in local churches in Atlanta,” Flemons said. “We’re usually very busy around Christmas time. Our latest engagement was singing in a huge United Methodist church in Sandy Springs over Christmas.”

While the group is in no rush to release their upcoming LP, Flemons feels positively about the current process and about the nature of their music.

“There’s nothing better than just hearing the human voice,” he said with a grin.


Photos courtesy of Stan Flemons